0.0.85 — New Email Notifications, Import HyperComments, Hold Only First Comment, Fixed Sorting Problem

By March 4, 2019 No Comments

This update comes with few interesting features which I would like to explain a bit more.

New Email Notifications

From now on, you would be having much better email notifications.

Reply notification and admin are quite similar, except that admin does not have reply comment part.

Here is admin notification example:

AnyComment Admin Email Notification

Here is reply comment notification example:

AnyComment Reply Email Notification

New design helps to solve the following problems:

  • you see user avatar you replied or left comment
  • if this is reply, you see comment to which reply was made

Import HyperComments

Long story short, it is now possible to import comments from HyperComments (HC).

We wanted to make this feature available long time ago and finally it is possible to do now.

All you need is link to their XML export file, put it in the special field inside “Tools” tab and click on “Import” button.

If you encounter any troubles while migrating comments, you can use “Revert” button, which would delete all comments that were imported from HC.

Cache directory

Originally cache directory was located inside wp-content/plugins/anycomment/cache, meaning it was inside plugin directory itself.

This is not so good, as some of the users did not have correct write permissions, so we moved it to wp-content/cache/anycomment.



Here is complete changelog.


  • Improved Email notifications UI, no more template, it is is now unified: has avatar, author name, reply comment data, etc
  • Added new option to hold only first comment and any further can pass without pre moderation
  • Added ability to import comments from HyperComments inside “Tools” tab by specifying URL to XML file
  • Migrated Google+ to Google People API
  • Cache directory was moved from plugin to wp-content/cache/anycomment
  • Added iThemes Security to the conflict list


  • Fixed broken layout in screens < 1400 inside admin dashboard
  • Fixed issue when nested comments were not sorted properly
  • Fixed issue when shortcode was inserted on non-WordPress page, e.g. HTML caused notice error on comment count
  • Fixed issue when ArgumentCountError fatal was given on execution of delete_comment hook by Akismet