• Changed cache directory directory from `wp-content/uploads/cache/anycomment` to `wp-content/cache/anycomment`
  • Plugin interface is now translated to Ukrainian, more to come
  • Main plugin character was updated in admin dashboard and for users without avatar
  • Added ability to replace spam words with custom character, e.g. “world:#” would make comment “Hello world” as “Hello #####”
  • Added ability to specify custom directory to save files with URL where they would served


  • Fixed multiple installation bugs, when it was not possible to upload files or make likes
  • Fixed issue when comments were shown when they were closed
  • Fixed issue when users with & were having & in the name, now name displayed properly
  • Fixed issue when subscription form is not showing when there are no comments
  • Fixed issue when moderation stop-word did not work properly
  • Possible fix to issue when wrong comment count was displayed on the post
  • Fixed issue when WooCommerce notes were sending emails notifications like new comments
  • Fixed issue when “Moderate first comment” option was on, but users were not notified about moderation process