0.1.28 — Bug Fixes & A Few Developer APIs

By July 21, 2020 No Comments


  • Added new type of events: onLogout, onRated. See docs at GitHub
  • Changed signature of init event, it now has postId parameter. See docs at GitHub
  • It is now possible to renders comments for specific page by providing pageId parameter
  • Now loading default font Google font in async manner
  • Added ability to launch comments programmatically using new manager API, see docs at GitHub
  • Opened tab in generic settings would be kept open after page reload
  • Now using new cloud embeddable code


  • Now using dark hardcoded color for text inside comment editor to ensure it looks good for dark themes
  • Fixed issue when last social icon was above others in the list
  • Fixed issue when ‘or as guest’ was showing when guest/wordpress only option was selected
  • Other small fixes & improvements