API Configuration for Google

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  • Go to Manage Resources on Google (you may need to login)
  • On the top bar click “CREATE PROJECT” button
  • Specify “Project name”, “Location” (Location field can be left untouched) and click “Create” button. You may be asked to agree with “Terms of Services”.
    Google Console Create Project
  • You should be redirected back to “Manage resources” page. Find you project in the list, if you do not see it, wait for a minute and refresh page again.
  • Click on the project name
    Google Console Manage Resources
  • Click on left top hamburger menu
    Google Console Dashboard
    Enable APIs and services Google
  • In the search type “Google+” and your should see “Google+ API”, click on it
    Find Google+ API
  • Click “ENABLE” or skip if already enabled
    Google Console: click enable
  • Navigate to “APIs and Services” → “Credentials” page from the hamburger menu in top-left corner
    Google Console: Credentials
  • Navigate to “OAuth consent screen” tab
    Navigate to OAuth consent screen section
  • Enter your website information. Email can be your personal or from website, it would be nice to have name and logo, as it will be shown to the user when he will be trying to login. Privacy policy and Terms of services URls as at some point Google can stop giving access to user’s email without it. At the end click “Save” button.

    Read this on how to create Privacy policy

  • Go to “Credential” tab, click on “Create credential” dropdown button and then select “OAuth client ID”
    Google create new API key
  • As “Application Type” select “Web application”
  • Enter “Name
  • In “Restrictions”, find “Authorised redirect URIs” field

    If you do not know where to find “Authorised redirect URIs” please read this short guide.

  • Click “Create” button
  • Next you will be shown modal window “OAuth client”
    OAuth client Google API key details
  • Copy “Client ID” and “Client Secret”
  • Go back to plugin “AnyComment” → “Social” → “Google”
  • And enter into the fields

Google API Set Up in AnyComment