API Configuration for Instagram

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  • Go to Developer Signup
  • Fill in all details
    Instagram fill in all details
  • Go to Manage Clients page
  • Click “Register a New Client”
  • Fill in all informations (example below is for – your website is different)
    Register new client ID Instagram

    If you don’t know where to find “Valid redirect URIs”, read this small guide.

  • Click “Register”
  • For your app, click “Manage”
    Click Manage in Instagram API
  • Copy “Client ID” and “Client Secret”
  • Copy them and paste in the plugin

Notice “Client Status”: it says “Sandbox Mode” – for testing only, to go out of this status, we just registered and have to have until your application will be approved.

How To Paste in AnyComment?

  • Go to admin panel
  • In the left menu find “AnyComment”
  • Find “Social”
  • Select “Instagram”
  • And enter copied fields
    Enter Copied Client ID & Secret in Instagram tab inside AnyComment