API Configuration for Twitter

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  • Login to Twitter
  • Apply for developer access (this is now required after July 2018)
  • On the “User profile” tab, just click “Continue” button
  • On the “Account details” choose either company or private person (depends on website and purpose). Based on chosen option, fill in all required details and click “Continue” button
  • On the “Use case details” fill in what you website is about, give little minimum 300 character description of project and mark “No” for last question regarding government if you do not share anything with them and click “Continue”
  • On the “Terms of service” scroll down, check the checkbox and click “Submit application” button to finish the application
  • Last step is to verify Email used (check “Spam” folder if you have no email in the inbox) in Twitter account. Email looks something like the following:
    Twitter email to confirm application submission
  • When email confirmed, should see the following success page:
    Twitter email confirmed
  • Now need to wait. You will received review decision on the same email

    Decision making from Twitter may take some time, so please take this into the consideration

  • When you application reviews successfully, you should receive and email such as this:
    Twitter success review

After Review

  • Go to My Apps page
  • Enter all required details, including “Callback URLs”

    Where to find Callback URL in AnyComment?

  • Save all entered information
  • Go to the list of your applications
    Твиттер список всех приложений
  • Choose your website
  • Inside, find “Keys and Access Tokens” tab
  • Copy “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”, we will need them in AnyComment

How to Configure Twitter in AnyComment?

  • Go to admin panel
  • In the left menu find “AnyComment”
  • Find “Social”
  • Select “Twitter”
  • And enter copied data into prepared fields for it:
    Add Twitter API details in AnyComment