API Configuration for VK

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  • Go to “My applications
  • Click on “Create application
  • In “Title” enter your name of website or project name
  • In “Platform”, choose “Website” and fill “Website address” and “Base domain”. For example, for AnyComment it would like the following:
    VK API configuration fill in website data
  • Click “Connect Site” to proceed
  • Then you should see the page as can be seen on screenshot below. You can enter website description, change name, upload icon, etc
    VK Configration view saved data
  • In the left menu, click “Settings”
  • You go to the page, that looks like this:
    VK Configuration Copy API details
  • Copy “Application ID” and “Secure key”

Your Website

  • Go to administration panel of your website
  • In the left sidebar, find “AnyComment”, click on it
  • Go to “Socials” tab
  • Inside open “VK” tab and enter copied “Application ID” and “Secure key”
  • Сlick checkbox “Allow VK authorization” (otherwise users will not see VK option)
  • Click “Save”
    Save VK API details in AnyComment WordPress

    AnyComment VK API Tab in WordPress