0.0.2 — Added GitHub, Odnoklassniki, bug fixes & other enhancements

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Release 0.0.2 is already here.

  • Fix — admin OR moderator was unable to edit comment as it was too old
  • Enh — ability to specify number of default comments to load. The same settings applies to number of comment loaded per page, when there are more comments on post/page then specified in settings
  • Fix — plugin is not enabled until you specify at least one social network, even thought you set plugin to be ON in general settings, #11
  • Enh — refactoring of comments logic towards native WordPress REST
  • Enh — ability to update any comment if user has `moderate_comments` or `edit_comment` capability (no time limit)
  • Enh — ability to update personal comment within 5 minutes
  • Fix — guest user cannot see comment actions (reply/edit)
  • Enh — added two new authorization methods: GitHub & Odnoklassniki
  • Fix — comment text box was overflowing on long texts, #22
  • Fix — better responsiveness of dashboard layout, #32
  • Fix — avatars uploaded locally to escape problem when some social medias were blocking access to avatar after token expiration, #14
  • Enh — display most recent news from plugin, #31
  • Enh — other small bug fixes and improvements
  • Eng — moved completely towards REST architecture