0.0.46 — Form type, Gravatar fixes & other improvements & fixes

By August 23, 2018 No Comments

Available since 23.08.2018.


  • Major elements, such as textarea, buttons are now more unified, #90
  • Leave comment as guest, via social or both. Ability to define this from admin, #94
  • New comment form layout for guest users, social icons, #94
  • When guest user entered name, email and/or website, it will be remembered – no need to type every time
  • Added warning about Clearfy (only when activated) in the dashboard as some users reported to have problems with it, #95


  • Fix for missing Gravatar images in the comment section by guest users & now a bit faster on repeating gravatars, #92
  • Added FAQ entry about how to fix problem when unable to delete comment (lack of `DELETE` as request option)
  • Comment text is now stored safely even when you close tab or switch tabs, so you can continue typing it
  • Added user’s website to the comment when submitted as guest, #93