0.0.73 — Sidebar Widget, Like Animation & Fixes

By November 21, 2018 No Comments

Added new widget to display list of comments. It is now in beta, but it is already available to you. In addition to that, added little like animation to make action more visible.

Available since 21.11.2018.


  • Added pretty like animation
  • New widget to display list of comment in the sidebar


  • Fixed issue when sender name was not set from the admin panel
  • Fixed issue when it was not possible to copy long text as it was folding/unfolding on this action
  • Fixed issue when newlines and some of the other issue when user was posing comment as non-admin user
  • Fixed issue when global border radius was not changing based on the settings value
  • Fixed issue when repeating error messages could have been shown in case user tried to use admin’s email to login via social
  • Possible fix to the issue when some of the users experienced problems with real time notification about new comments


  • Social icons are now on the right of the avatar