0.0.79 — Fixed Steam, Facebook URLs, Mobile Layout, Custom CSS, Choose Comment Date & Other Changes/Fixes

By January 7, 2019 No Comments

This update was focused on many improvements and bug fixes. Some of the noticeable once: Steam and Facebook now having profile URL, Steam users would have proper username and avatar, improved mobile layout, choose comment date between relative and absolute, ability to add custom CSS via new “Editor” tab in “Settings”. Also, it is quite possible that “nonce” caching issue is gone.

Also, quite soon, AnyComment would be releasing its first add-on. It is now possible to subscribe and get 20% discount.


  • Sidebar news is now showing proper date format
  • Introducing new REST API filter anycomment/rest/comments/item_for_response to control single comment output data
  • Steam is now showing proper username, avatar & profile URL
  • Facebook username is now clickable
  • Improved mobile layouts
  • Now when comments are closed instead of comment form, it says “Comments closed.”, replies and edits are not allowed
  • Now possible to choose comment date between relative (e.g. 1 minute ago) and absolute (defined in WordPress’s settings)
  • Added ability to add custom CSS via “Editor” tab in “Settings”


  • Possible fix of issue when error toast was shown about invalid nonce
  • Fixed memory exhaustion caused by integration with WP Users Avatar
  • Fixed issue when some of the websites had styles for bullet points and they were shown in the attachment list
  • Fixed issue when core CSS style was loaded before </body> instead of <head>
  • Fixed issue when reCAPTCHA position did not cache no matter what was set in admin settings
  • Fixed issue when comments failed to load due to missing site key for reCAPTCHA
  • Fixed issue when link from YouTube was not attached as video below the comment
  • Fixed issue when background color was ignored in comment list for widget